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Dirty Water Organics is a company owned and ran by an old school East coast breeder veteran from Boston, MA. , that has been in the game since the early 90's. breeding since 1994, Peezy has worked with a few other companies over the years doing world wide seed releases starting back in 2010. But it wasnt until 2013 when he came up with his company dirty water organics and decided to do a public/world wide seed release. He was the first to release M.o.b.(mother of berries) in seed form to the public. He is especially known for breeding cultivars such as... Velvet cookies, m.o.a.b.(a cup winning plant from his special kookie mob seed line), cinco de chem, barnyard animals , mass chem, pink monstar, kookie mob, and countless others.

"we are a real breeding company that focuses on line breeding and making seed selections working through generations as well as the easy stuff, like elite clone pollen chuck seed making. we use true living organic / probiotic / vegan, pesticide/fungicide free practices when we make our seeds, flowers, and clones."